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Access to YSI’s Discord server is for members only.
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The basics


By default, you won’t receive notifications from any channels unless you are mentioned directly. 

We encourage you to activate the notifications on the channels you are most interested in if you don’t want to miss anything. Similarly, you can mute channels you don’t care about. 


  • Use your real name and picture.
  • Don’t hesitate to use direct messages (DMs) to get to know fellow YSI’ers. 
  • You can also send friend requests on Discord. This is necessary if you want to create group DMs.
  • Respect people’s boundaries. Do not pester people who do not respond.


A Discord server is organized in multiple channels (sometimes called rooms). Each one provides space for a different conversation.



Commons is like YSI’s town square. You can bump into any member there, new or or old. It contains various channels:


Core is limited to those YSI’ers taking an active role in the community, either as Organizer, Coordinator, Member of the Community Board, or Manager. It’s a great place to swap ideas, tips, and keep each other in the loop on new community developments. 

Local hub channels

Keep in touch with the YSI’ers in London or Turin. More “local hubs” are forming in big cities where YSI’ers congregate, and you are invited to stop by anytime.

Working group channels

For all 21 working groups, there is a channel. Use it to keep in touch with fellow members, discuss the latest developments in your field, or bounce your next paper-topic off of a peer.


Project channels

Each project gets a channel, even if it was just a one-time webinar.  We know that any exchange can spark many ideas, so the channel is there for the conversation to continue as long as it may. 

Just for fun channels

Share a picture of your pet!
Or your baby! Or your new pasta-recipe.

Voice channels

Tired of typing? Meet your friends in one of the voice-channels for an old fashioned conversation. 


See you there!

Download the Discord app
or use Discord directly in your web browser.