Inequality Working Group


What are economists talking about when they talk about inequality? And why is inequality even relevant to economics? Join us to explore the philosophical and technical aspects of these questions.

Francisco Ardila Suarez
Maria Cristina Barbieri Góes
Natassia Nascimento



Research themes

  • Financial stability, inflation, and inequality
  • Inequality in an unstable world.
  • Decoupling and its impact on inequality.
  • The unequal burden of climate change.

Research questions

  • What are the effects of a decoupling world on inequality?
  • What are the best strategies for addressing the unequal effects of inequality.
  • What are the multiple dimensions affected by inequality? such as: race, gender, etc.
  • How is the relation between power and wealth arranged?
  • To what extent should democracy problems be considered the results of capitalism inequalities?
  • What is the social role of economists?
  • What is the role of free markets on wealth concentration?

Projects Planned 

  • YSI Pre-Conference @ 6th International ASTRIL Conference in Rome, Italy 18-20/01/2023 (Jointly organized with the Keynesian Working Group)
  • YSI Pre-Conference @ IARIW-Bank of Italy Conference in Naples, Italy 28/03-01/04/2023 (Jointly organized with the Political Economy of Europe, Keynesian, and Financial Instability Working Groups)
  • YSI Pre-Conference @20th Annual Storep Conference in Bari, Italy 14-17/06/2023 (Jointly organized with the Political Economy of Europe, Keynesian, and Financial Instability Working Groups)
  • YSI Panel – International Workshop on Demand-Led Growth: Money & Finance 24-27 July, 2023 (Jointly organized with the Keynesian, Latin America, and Financial Stability Working Groups)
  • Panel at the @25th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics Conference in Cambridge, UK 28-30/6/2023 (Jointly organized with the Development Working Group)

Existing partnerships and cooperation 

  • STOREP (Associazione Italiana per la Storia dell’Economia Politica)
  • AHE (Association for Heterodox Economics)
  • International Inequality Institute at LSE
  • IPKN (Italian Post-Keynesian Network)
  • ASTRIL (Associazione Studi e Ricerca Interdisciplinari sul Lavoro)
  • Centro Celso Furtado
  • IARIW (International Association for Research in Income and Wealth)


You’re welcome to join any webinar or reading group at any time. You’re also invited to apply to present or participate in an any in-person workshop in your area. 



The latest updates and announcements, sent out to all working group members via email.
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