Local Hubs

Gather a group of nearby YSI’ers.
Have a discussion, share a meal.
Brainstorm plans together.


If you live in one of the below areas, one of your peers has already started a hub, and brought YSI’ers together a couple of times. See when they meet next, or contact the organizer to help get a date on the calendar.

All are welcome. 


Started in: January 2023
Lead Organizer: Christina Mosalagae


Started in: May 2023
Lead Organizer: Nicolas Aguila

Mar del Plata

Started in: October 2021
Lead Organizer
: Santiago Graña


Started in: December 2021
Lead Organizer: Cecilia Rikap

Don't see your city?

Consult the map to see if your area is home to a lot of YSI’ers.

If so, you may connect with the YSI Management team about starting a hub. Email us at ysi@ineteconomics.org