Guiding Principles

The YSI Guiding Principles describe the kind of environment we hope to create and sustain as a community.


We envision economic thinking that is free of intellectual barriers, resonates with reality, and serves our global society.


The Young Scholars Initiative supports and inspires the next generation of new economic thinkers. As a community, YSI seeks to transform the discourse in economics by establishing an open space for economic thought and inquiry. Ultimately, we aim to renew economic thinking by embodying the change we hope to see.


As young scholars, we believe that there are many ways of thinking about the economy. So what “new economic thinking” means in terms of ideas and topics is left up to the individual. What brings us together is a collective spirit of new economic thinking – a certain way of studying, questioning, and conducting economics, as reflected by the objectives and values of our community. 


YSI is open to anyone adhering to the spirit of new economic thinking. We strive to include people from different backgrounds and embrace diverse cultural, academic, and professional experiences. We do not impose a single viewpoint and appreciate a wide range of perspectives.

We share our thoughts, exchange ideas and experiences, and provide support to one another. Our collaborative efforts require the ability to listen to and encourage the input and participation of others.

YSI tries to build sensitive understanding of the limits of economic methods and be honest about the caveats attached to theoretical and empirical results, not only within the discipline but also visà-vis the wider public. We remain skeptical of “universal truths.” Therefore, we aim to be aware of our own subjectivities and biases and willing to reconsider our positions.

While disagreement is an inherent part of any debate, the members of our community treat each other with personal respect.

While individual members of the community engage in discussions on policy and are politically active outside of their involvement in YSI, YSI as an organization does not promote any political agenda, candidate, or cause. We are aware of the inherent link between economics and politics and recognize the non-neutrality of any model or theoretical framework. YSI’s parent organization, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, is a certified 501c3 non-profit charity based in the United States. The Institute and YSI as an extension thereof will not engage in communication that violates United States or international law, or threatens the Institute’s non-profit status.


YSI brings together new economic thinkers across disciplines, cultures, and countries, to provide a community of mutual learning, understanding, and support.

YSI is an open space for ideas, a playground to explore new ways of thinking and conceiving economics. The community encourages open debate, development, and spreading of new ideas.

  • YSI wishes to overcome intellectual divides by integrating various schools of economic thought, other disciplines, as well as the professional sphere into our inquiries. We aim to draw and learn from all existing traditions within and outside economics, in academia as well as in the professional realm.

  • YSI supports the study of neglected subjects and questions in current economic research, including but not limited to issues of power, environmental deprivation, radical uncertainty, ethics, distribution, and inequality.

While disagreement is an inherent part of any debate, the members of our community treat each other with personal respect.

YSI provides support mechanisms along three lines:

  • A community of like-minded peers

  • Education, research and senior mentorship

  • Institutional support through the Institute for New Economic Thinking

  • YSI aims to bring more scholars onto the trajectory of becoming new economic thinkers

Code of Conduct

YSI is an inclusive environment

YSI is open to anyone adhering to the spirit of new economic thinking and the principles outlined above. It is the responsibility of every YSI member to embody these core values in the everyday work of the community.

We strive to include people from different backgrounds, embrace diverse cultural, academic, and professional experiences and create a stimulating, respectful, and rewarding experience for all our members. We are committed to environments that are free from discrimination of any kind, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, transgender status, age, disability or political opinion. We thank you for contributing to create an environment that is inclusive to everyone.

When participating in any YSI activity – whether attending an event or webinar, communicating on the website forums or the YSI social media pages, or when representing YSI – we expect you to be acting in accordance with the code of conduct outlined below.

  • Respectful and Collaborative: Let’s be considerate, respectful, and collaborative. While disagreement is an inherent part of any debate, the members of our community treat each other with personal respect.
  • Inclusive: Consider the diverse cultural backgrounds of other members of the community. Let’s not assume that others have the same norms as us. Please consider, that members of our community may have very different perspectives on acceptable language, alcohol consumption, physical contact or appropriate attire.
  • No harassment: Let’s always refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech. Dialogue is key to progress and understanding between people of differing opinions, so long as it does not degenerate into insults or slurs.
  • Relevance: The topics discussed at YSI events and on the YSI community forums should be related to new economic thinking in a broad sense. Forum moderators reserve the right to remove content with or without explanation.
  • Non-activism: YSI does not endorse any specific viewpoint or promote any specific way of doing economics. YSI provides a space to discuss and educate yourself about new ideas – not a movement to advocate specific ideas.
  • Non-partisan: As a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, the Young Scholars Initiative does not endorse political viewpoints or political candidates. Although we are aware of the inherent link between economics and politics and recognize the non-neutrality of any model or theoretical framework, YSI does not take political positions. Discussions and contributions should be academic in nature. YSI events or forums should not be used for advocating specific political views.
  • Authorship: All statements made on the YSI forum or in YSI events and webinars reflect the viewpoints of the person expressing them alone. Project organizers responsibility for the content of their projects, such as the choice of topics and speakers. YSI does not endorse any particular viewpoints.
  • Authorship (no plagiarism): When making a contribution, please ensure that the ideas you represent are your own. As an academically and research oriented community we hold ourselves to high standards.
Violation of Community Guidelines

Members are encouraged to inform organizers or coordinators, YSI management or the CRC about perceived violations of the community code of conduct. In the case of major violations, YSI management will be directly in touch to inform you about your violation and the impending consequences, which may include temporary or permanent suspension from YSI.