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Since its inception in 2012, YSI has grown into a global membership organization.

Miriam O.

“YSI introduced me to an international community of like-minded students and motivated me to look for alternative, richer visions of the economic system”

Olga M.

“I felt isolated because there was very little interest for my thesis topic at my university. Via YSI, I tapped into a community of scholars working on topics similar to mine.”

21 Working Groups

Each one grapples with topics that most economic textbooks overlook:

We aim to

  • Open up new ways to approach economic issues
  • Understand the foundations of economics
  • Bridge silos and break silences
  • Address the challenges of our global society

We recognize that

  • Economics is not settled.
    It is more open-ended, with room for debate;
  • Economics is a topic, not a technique.
    It is a social science, not a branch of applied math.
  • There is no trade-off between depth and breadth.
    Exploring new ideas produces better ideas.

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Rob Johnson, President of INET

About INET

INET consists of economists and thinkers from a range of disciplines who challenge conventional wisdom and advance ideas to better serve society.

Aside from nurturing the next generation of young scholars with YSI, the institute
produces and funds research that challenges economic orthodoxy, informs and educates to change the conversation about major economic problems and policy, and host events that bring together scholars, students, and policymakers from around the world.   

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